Boilerwerks is now my job!

by Devin on September 3, 2012

Still moving in...

Five years after I started tinkering, four years after I sketched from scratch, three years after I spun the first prototype, two years after I first offered the Boiler for sale, and one year after I got a huge boost from Kickstarter backers, Boilerwerks is now, basically, my full time job. Today, labor day, is my first day at it.

Along with a first full time employee, Boilerwerks also now has a physical studio:

Boilerwerks LLC
124 South Highland Avenue
Suite 212
Pittsburgh PA 15206

Visits are extremely welcome, and available most weekdays by appointment.

The studio is part of the very musical Werner Building in the East Liberty neighborhood. My neighbors include a voice teacher, an Emmy-award-winning recording studio, and a live music venue. I ran into the voice teacher one day as I was moving in and he apologized for the noise, but absolutely love it. The old structure is always resonating with different, wonderful sounds. NPR, right now the Diane Rehm show, is my contribution.

Now I’m back to work. Catching up on assembly and some fulfillment I had fallen behind on as I took the floors in the studio from this to this to this to this. That finish is zero VOC and the whole space now smells of linseed oil and the coffee I just made.

I am so pumped for the great things to come! If you’ve liked what I’ve been doing with Boilerwerks, it good news for you too. You can expect more products, better availability, and quicker service. Yay!