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by Devin on May 19, 2012

The Boilerwerks pot stand. Atop the Backcountry Boiler to take advantage of exhaust heat (right); paired with the FireFelt to make a stand-alone alcohol stove (left).

After I shipped them out early last year, owners of the first large batch of Boilers had two primary accessory requests: an alcohol burner for wet or fire-ban days and a pot stand to allow a small mug to be heated over the Boiler’s chimney while in use. I developed both last summer and released the FeltFelt alcohol burner, which appears to be performing well. A focus on production of the second large batch of Boilers delayed release of this stand, but last week I finally got them tagged up with the logo and they (along with the FireFelt and a bunch of Boiler spare parts) are now available on the “order” page.
The pot stand:

  • is .45 oz (13 grams) of waterjet cut 6061 Al
  • is stable with interlocking legs that fit snugly around the chimney
  • does not inhibit the feeding of additional fuel through the chimney while in use
  • can bring 8 oz of water to not-quite-boiling in the same 4-8 minutes it takes the primary vessel to boil
  • allows Boiler users to heat a small mug of that perfect beverage to complement their main dehydrated meal
  • pairs perfectly with the FireFelt to make a fully functional, stand-alone alcohol stove for a companion

It feels great to create something new again, particularly when it uses a new manufacturing technique. Waterjet cutting requires no tooling and has short lead times. Music to my ears. :) These are from a short test batch I ran, but I hope to catch a video of the next group.