FireFelt videoed, available (HWP)

by Devin on August 16, 2011

The FireFelt Alcohol Wick for the Backcountry Boiler is now available to order here and ships immediately. From stock – what a great idea – I could get used to that.

The above video shows the wick in use, and this post gives some of the background. It’s pretty slick if I do say so myself.

One note on the amount of fuel used: In the video, I list fuel by weight – it’s the analytic chemist in me – but it occurred to me that few zero people will be using precise scales to measure their fuel on the trail. So everywhere else, I list it by volume. Fluid ounces rather than regular(?) ounces. Kind of confusing. You’d think we would have come up with different names for mass and volume units. Like, say, “grams” and “milliliters.” :)

* and so for the metrics among us: .5 oz (mass) = 18ml (volume), .75 oz (mass) = 28 ml (volume) (good call, Rob)

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