Made in Pittsburgh

by Devin on February 5, 2011

Things with the Boiler are humming right along. The spinning shop is finishing up making the chimneys so the Boilers can soon go through final assembly. I’ve been working with the anodizing and etching shops to make sure they’re all geared up and ready to go when the Boilers are.

I shot the above video last week and it captures something I think is so cool about the project – that it’s all being done in and around Pittsburgh. In the clip, I analogize local manufacturing to local farming, and I think the comparison holds. Just like food gets subtle character from the place where it’s grown so do manufactured goods from the places they’re designed and made.

So in not too long, little pieces of Pittsburgh will be going out all over the world, highlighting the other end of this project’s dual nature: it is at once both local and global. If I have an archetype of the kind of business I would like to create, it would be to run a mom and pop that interacts with people the world over.