In the wild

by Devin on February 1, 2011

I meant to post this earlier, but as I mentioned in a previous post, I loaned out the unfinished production sample of the Boiler to the folks over at HammockForums for their Florida “hang.” All reports are that both the hang and the Boiler were resounding successes. “Islander” coordinated the appearance, and “Flackfizer” shot the above video. My thanks goes out to both of them and all the folks that gave my little widget such a warm welcome.

Like the background music? Me too – that’s Flackfizer and his wife! Their band is The Corn Family and their music is available through iTunes and sites like CDBaby. Check ’em out!

The video shows two things worth noting. First, by using short enough twigs, you can batch-load the Boiler so it will come to a boil with no additional fuel. Cool! The other thing is that if you do that, make sure the top is resting directly on the bottom so they don’t get stuck together by sappy residue. The hangers seemed to manage just fine anyway. :)